Thursday, 26 February 2015

E-Newsletter for Friday, 27 February 2015

Assemblies for Next Week
Assemblies next week will focus on World Book Day.

Order of Assembly:

Tuesday - Skye

Wednesday - Lewis

Thursday – Tiree

Pupil Voice
There will be a Pupil Voice meeting today during period 2.  Anyone who wishes to attend must register with their period 2 class teacher and get permission before coming down.
Miss Livingston

The LGBT group would like to thank everyone who is wearing something purple to show you stand against homophobia, biphobia and transphobia. It really means a lot to have your support J

If you are not camera shy, please pop up to the Drama classroom at the end of today for a quick group photo.

For those on twitter, check out the hashtag #PurpleSelfie to see how others are celebrating the day.
Mrs Whyte

Water Sports Trip
Any pupils with outstanding payments or fundraising forms to return please see Mr Gregor today.
Mr Gregor

Drama Club
Drama Club resumes this Monday 2nd March. Regular attendance over the next five weeks would be appreciated if you want to take part in the Queen Margaret University project.
Mrs Whyte

School Dress Code/Uniform
We often receive comments from people who visit the school about how smart everyone looks in their uniform.  We are very proud of the Gracemount High school uniform and Dress Code which was agreed with pupil council and parents.  However there are a number of pupils regularly turning up incorrectly dressed.  There will be a strong focus on Uniform over the next few weeks so you are reminded that if for any reason you arrive at school without full uniform you must see the relevant depute before registration.  Mrs Fraser will be able to lend some items of uniform during registration but remember a deposit will be required.  Pupils will not be allowed out of lessons to collect uniform or iPads.  If you are not clear what our dress code is visit the website or collect a leaflet from the office but the key points are:

·         sky blue shirt / blouse
·         school tie
·         plain black skirt / trousers
·         plain black top or jumper with a neckline that allows the school tie to be clearly seen e.g. zip up or V-neck.
·         plain black shoes
·         a pupil who wears a hijab is asked to wear one in school colours i.e. black or sky blue.
·         Leggings may be worn if plain black with a skirt of a reasonable length over the top
If you repeatedly come to school incorrectly dressed your parents will be contacted.
Ms Sinclair

If you ordered a Stonewall T-shirt from Mrs Whyte, please come and collect it today during registration.  You may wish to wear it in the group photo at the end of the day.
Mrs Whyte

A pupil audience is required for the Drama Performance exams.  This is an ideal opportunity for pupils taking Drama next year to learn more about what is involved in the performance exams.  Please see Mrs Whyte as soon as possible if you are interested in being part of the audience.  First come, first served!
Mrs Whyte

Anyone still needing to pay for Alton Towers must see Mrs Valentine, today or Monday, or risk losing their space.
Mrs Valentine
Sainsbury’s Active Kids Vouchers
The PE Department are collecting Sainsbury’s Active Kids vouchers. These vouchers will be used to get new sports equipment for the PE department.
Please hand any vouchers into the PE department.
Mr Else

GRACIE Focus Fortnight
Over the next fortnight the focus will be on:

I - Instructions- follow them first time without argument to enable learning and teaching to progress. Just do it!
Be your best, collect raffle tickets and the prize could be yours!
Ms Sinclair

John Byrne National Drawing Competition
This is a reminder for S1 –S3 pupils about the deadline for the John Byrne National Drawing Competition. They must hand in their entry to Ms McKenzie by Friday 27th Feb (this Friday!) if they want to compete. 

The competition is to encourage young people to draw in school and at home. The theme is ‘a day in my life’ but drawings on any subject will be accepted. Be as creative as you can. The winner gets £100 vouchers for art materials. Come along to art club Tuesday after school or do it in your own time. Get drawing!!
Ms McKenzie