Thursday, 18 December 2014

E-Newsletter for Friday, 19 December 2014

Assemblies for w/c Monday, 5 January 2015

Order of Assembly:

Tuesday - Skye

Wednesday - Lewis

Thursday – Tiree

Congratulations to all those who achieved 100% attendance this term.  Texts have gone home to your folks letting them know.

Please remember that we are all working to improve attendance.  You should by now know your own attendance percentage.  From January you will be working to increase your percentage and hopefully move towards the ‘Green Zone’ (95% and above).

If you don’t know your own percentage yet please see your group tutor.

Happy holiday and we look forward to seeing ALL OF YOU back on Tuesday 6th January.
Ms Pretswell




Congratulations to the following students, whose names were drawn from the FF box today. Well done!

Gabriel Gardner Kaimes nominated by: Mr Wyllie

Amirah Hussain 3S9 nominated by: Ms Barry

Courtney McGill 3S6 nominated by: Mr Wyllie

Reannin Williamson 3T10 nominated by: Ms Thomson
Ms Muir

WOW class winner for Dec:
Mr Sharkey’s S1 Skye ICT class. Well done!
Ms Muir
The next FF will focus on ONE of the 3Rs: RESPECT  

Positive relationships between pupils and staff is a crucial feature of an excellent school and respect for ourselves and each other is central to this.

Meaning: to have due regard for the feelings, wishes, or rights of others.

Similar words: consideration, thoughtfulness, politeness.

Our Task: to show respect to others.

Keep collecting those tickets!
Ms Muir

Edinburgh City Bike Schools

Inter-Schools Mountain Bike Challenge, Spring 2015
Several high schools are hoping to hold an informal series of 4BIKE MTB races sometime in spring 2015 to promote grass roots participation in the sport.

4BIKE racing is a format that has been used very successfully at schools and Sportfests around the City. As only four riders compete at any one time only a small pool of bikes is required and these, plus helmets, will be provided by the race organisers. Riders can, of course, bring their own equipment if they wish to do so.

Competitors will race four times over a short course of grass and tarmac that will be different at each venue and as each heat only lasts around five minutes any boy or girl from S1 to S6 with reasonable fitness and who is a confident cyclist (can use gears!) should be able to enjoy the challenge.

We would love to invite all Edinburgh Schools to come and join us but logistically this is just not possible. However, if you like what you see here and want to replicate it in your own area of Edinburgh we would be thrilled to give you all the help you need to set up your own MTB 4BIKE challenge.
If we can get more schools to take part in local events like the one described above we could all meet up nearer Easter to hold an Edinburgh City Bike Schools 4BIKE championship.

If interested in getting involved, please see Mr Patterson.
Mr Patterson





















Friday, 12 December 2014

E-Newsletter for Friday, 12 December 2014

Assemblies for Next Week

Order of Assembly:

Tuesday - Skye

Wednesday - Lewis

Thursday – Tiree

Scottish Book Week Tutor Group QR Literacy Quiz Winners
The top three tutor groups were:

·         L10

·         T9

·         S5

They got all the questions correct and displayed some great teamwork.
Mrs Brown


Gracie’s Got Talent
Thank you to all acts who auditioned this week, the standards were very high.  The successful acts moving through to the heats are as follows:

Skye 1: Chloe Eaton

Skye 2: Emmanuel and Clinton Ogayemi

Lewis 1: Morgan Smith & David Harrold

Lewis 2: Senior Dancers

Tiree 1: Chloe Yeung & Finlay Ellis

Tiree 2: Chloe Pow & Shannon Murray

Live heats will take place at the end of lunch in the Dining Hall next week and all pupils will be able to vote for their winner!  One act from each house will go through to Fridays Final.
Mr Gregor/Mr Mackenzie

Get Caught Reading Photographic Competition

We are still looking for photos of pupils and staff reading.  So whether you read books, ereaders, newspapers or magazines, GET CAUGHT READING!!!!!

Strictly one entry per pupil, so make it a good one.  All entries to be brought to Mrs Brown - she will download them for you.
Mrs Brown


If you are in S1 – 5 and you signed up for skiing, please come to the PE department for a confirmation letter asap. S2 group will be going on Tuesday, while S1 & 3 group will be going on Wednesday.
Mr Else
Numbers Day - Winners of Quiz
This time last week Ms Neill was irrational, Miss Grisdale was perfect and Mr King was in his prime. How things change in a week! Thanks to everyone for taking part in Number Day 2014. £381.55 was raised for the NSPCC. The winners of the quiz were Claire Calvert 6L4 and Martin Ng 3L3- well done, they can collect their prizes from the Maths department.
Mrs Kelly

S2 Art Winners
In S2 Ly Art with Ms McKenzie there has been a competition called ‘Pimp My Ride’ to design a car and race it. I am pleased to announce that Eila Tether, Millie Lawrie, Jack Hartley and Denver Wood’s group won the race. Bradley Bryce, Chantal Cameron and Lewis Barnes also won Best Design for their monster car creation, voted for by the class. Congratulations to both teams!
Ms McKenzie


Christmas Wrapping Service
The Charities Committee are offering their popular Christmas Wrapping Service.   Drop off your unwrapped presents to Miss Livingston or Mrs Whyte, and have your items transformed into beautiful packages!  All donations will go towards 'Hand in Hand for Syria.'
Charities Committee 


Thanks to everyone who voted for the Christmas Appeal options.  The school has chosen to collect items for the homeless.

'Edinburgh has the highest proportion of people sleeping rough in Scotland.  Streetwork help 4000 people who have been forced to leave their homes for reasons outwith their control.'

Next week, please bring in any items off the following list:

· Travel size toiletries with either shower gel, shampoo, shaving foam, deodorant.

· Toothbrush, toothpaste

· Hat, gloves, scarf (for men and women)

· Socks (for men and women)

· Chocolate

· Small torch

· Baby wipes

The Charities Committee will be round every morning next week to collect items you've brought in.  Alternatively, bring your items to Mrs Whyte or Miss Livingston. 

We will award a prize to the most charitable Tutor Group and Individual!  Good luck!
Charities Committee


Arrangements for the end of Term - Friday 19 December

Registration and period 1: all pupils in tutor groups for the Inter-house challenge. 

More details from Mr Gregor and Mr Mackenzie to follow.

Period 2 Normal timetabled class

10am Optional Christmas service with the chaplaincy team in the drama studio

Break as normal

Period 3 Normal timetable d classes

Period 4 Whole school assembly

PUPILS WILL BE CALLED DOWN TO THE DINING HALL BY YEAR GROUP Only S6 pupils should be seated on the Balcony. Thank you.  School will dismiss around the usual time.
Ms Sinclair


Christ-mess (part 11)
The chaplains would like to invite pupils and staff to join them for a Christian celebration of Christmas on Friday 19 December at 10 am in the drama studio.  This is an optional celebration and any pupil wishing to attend Must give their names to Group tutors no later than end of Registration on Tuesday 16 December.  Lists of those attending will be circulated to staff in advance of the service and only pupils who are on the list will be allowed out of class to attend.
Ms Sinclair


Dress Down Day
The last day of term, Friday 19th December, will be a dress down day in aid of 'Hand in Hand for Syria.'

If you would like to dress down on that day, please bring a donation (suggested donation £1).

As you will know from the news, the situation has worsened in Syria.  3.32 million Syrian refuges have had to seek asylum in other countries as a result of conflict.  Refugee camps are closing due to high numbers, and many Syrian refugees have nowhere to go in the extreme winter conditions.

Money raised will go towards food, water, baby milk, warm clothing for the people of Syria. 
Charities Committee



Thursday, 4 December 2014

E-Newsletter for Friday, 5 December 2014

Assemblies for Next Week

Order of Assembly:

Tuesday - Skye

Wednesday - Lewis

Thursday – Tiree

Number Day
Today is number day, numbers are vitally important to everything you do on a daily basis. This video explains some of the places you use numbers in real life.

Good luck completing your number quiz and using your number skills today!
Maths Department

Gracie’s Got Talent
Today is the last chance to get your act on the list for the Gracemount’s Got Talent auditions next week. Please see Mr Gregor or Mr Mackenzie (science) to enter. Remember this is YOUR chance to participate in the end of term assembly.

Skye auditions are Monday lunch time.
Lewis auditions are Tuesday lunch time.
Tiree auditions are Wednesday lunch time.
Mr Gregor and Mr Mackenzie

GHS Chess Club
GHS Chess Club every Thursday lunch time with Mr Maclaughland.  Club open to all levels of players, from beginners to Grand Masters.  Could those pupils who wish to join please inform Mr Maclaughland.  Start date for club: Thursday, 11 December 2014.
Mr MacLaughland

Any pupils who would like to go skiing at Hillend should come to the PE department for a form. If you have a form already – please hand into the PE department ASAP. Everyone welcome, even if you haven’t skied before.
PE Department  


Christmas Concert
Thursday 11th December in the school at 7pm. Tickets available from Ms Kerr in the music department.  Any performers who have not yet picked up a letter please do so a.s.a.p. 
D Kerr

Outward Bound Payments Due
Just a quick reminder that your second Outward Bound payments are due in on Friday 12th December. For almost all pupils the amount required is £65.00. As before please hand in your payment to the school office in an envelope marked Outward Bound 2015 and with your name.
Mr Wyllie

Indoor Cycle Speedway
Any S1 – S6 pupils who are confident and competent bike riders, and would be interested in going along and racing cycle speedway bikes indoors at the Jack Kane Centre between 2pm – 4pm on Friday, 12 December 2014, please see Mr Patterson for further details.
Mr Patterson

Rights Respecting Schools/True Colours Meeting
Meeting will take place at lunchtime Wednesday 17th December in HE 1.  New pupils and staff will be very welcome.
Mrs Gillan

Scottish Book Week
Final call for the Tutor Group QR Literacy Quiz.  All sheets to be handed into the Library.
Mrs Brown

Get Caught Reading Photographic Competition
We are looking for photos of pupils and staff reading.  So whether you read books, ereaders, newspapers or magazines, GET CAUGHT READING!!!!!

Strictly one entry per pupil, so make it a good one.  All entries to be brought to Mrs Brown - she will download them for you.
Mrs Brown


Gracemount Book Group
There will be a meeting of the Gracemount Book Group this week.  All pupils who are interested should see Mrs Brown for the date, place and time.
Mrs Brown

The Mystery Reader Recommends 
Watch out for a new feature 'The Mystery Reader recommends’ ... Coming to a door near you soon.
Mrs Brown

Christmas Card Competition
Congratulations to Ben Ferguson in S2 who won our Christmas Card competition! Well done to all those who entered. The standard of entries was very high!
Miss Shannon


School Immunisation Programme
Immunisation helps protect our communities from a wide range of illnesses.

The NHS Lothian school nurse team carry out an annual immunisation programme, which includes:

The teenage booster to ensure protection from tetanus, diphtheria and polio – will be offered to pupils in S3 during March 2015. Pupils will also be offered the MenC booster at this time to protect against meningitis and septicemia (blood poisoning) caused by meningococcal group C bacteria.

The HPV vaccine for girls aged 11 to 13 to protect against cervical cancer – will be offered to girls in S1 and S2 in January 2015.

The MMR vaccine for those who did not start or complete the two doses required in childhood is also offered to pupils.
Mr Mackenzie

Positive Behaviour Rewards

Focus Fortnight

Congratulations to the following students, whose names were drawn from the FF box today. Well done!

Angelika Rowinska 1L6 nominated by: Mrs Kelly

Amy Redpath 2L6 nominated by: Miss Barry

Yeyao Liu 1T10 nominated by: Maths Department

Cekdar Temel 2T6 nominated by: Maths Department


WOW Class
The winners of the Wow class is Dr Burt’s 3D class. Congratulations!
Ms Muir