Monday, 12 March 2018

E-Newsletter for Monday, 12 March 2018

No assemblies for this week.


Values Focus Week
This week we will be focusing on Tolerance and Fairness – “We promote equality, celebrate diversity and value our differences. We ensure that everyone is treated equally”.
Mr Hunter


S3 – SNSA Standardised Testing
Could all S3 pupils please bring iPads fully charged for the SNSA testing on Monday 19 and Monday 26 March.
Mrs Reid
School Support Assistant


S1 Outward Bound Payments
The date for full payment for the S1 Outward Bound trip was Friday 2nd March. Thanks to all who have now fully paid.  Unfortunately, there are still a number of pupils who have yet to make full payment of £175 (£55 deposit plus two additional payments of £60).  In a few cases we have received 3 payments of £55, so this means that you are £10 short, so please check.  It is important that you pay the full £175 by Friday this week, or you risk losing your place.  Please contact the school office if you have any questions regarding payment.
Mr Wyllie

Library - Lunchtimes
From Monday 12th March - Thursday 29th March the library lunchtime sessions will be for study only.  This is to allow S4-S6 pupils to study, finish folio pieces.  Any S1-3 pupils who need to use PC's for homework, should speak to Mrs Brown.
Mrs Brown


Choose Youth Work 2018
Next week, pupils will have the opportunity to vote for youth projects to get extra funding.

They need to select three preferred youth projects in the South East area and three citywide, who will then be allocated the extra funds.

Pupils will need to bring in their Young Scot card number with them in order to vote online. This is the preferred option for voting; however, a paper version is also available.

S1 & S2 pupils will have option to vote during Social Subject periods.

S3-6, please see Mrs Brown for the link to vote via your iPads or if you need to do a paper vote.
Mrs Brown

Pupils who have Prescribed Medication in School
If your child has prescribed medication in School, it is imperative that you keep this medication up to date.  Letters have been sent home and to date there are still nine pupils who have out of date medication.  If your child requires this medication in an emergency, then we cannot give it.  I would be grateful if Parent/Carers who have received these letters would hand in the medication ASAP.  If you child no longer requires medication, you must inform the school in writing.
Mrs Fraser (Welfare)

Pupils who have Non-Prescribed Medication in School
If your child has non-prescribed medication in School, I have sent letters home via the pupils.  I would be grateful if you could complete the forms and return to School ASAP.  We cannot administer any medication without the completion of these forms.
Mrs Fraser (Welfare)

F.A.O N4, N5 and Higher Art Pupils
All N4, N5 and higher art folios need to be completed by the Easter break.  GASS is offered on the following days and it is vital that all senior pupils attend:

-          Miss Grisdale: Tuesday and Thursday

-          Miss McCreadie & Miss Martinez: Tuesday and Wednesday

Senior pupils are also welcome to use the middle room during study periods to catch up on exam work but please sign in with your study teacher first.
Miss Grisdale