Friday, 30 January 2015

E-Newsletter for Friday, 30 January 2015

Assemblies for Next Week

Order of Assembly:

Tuesday - Skye

Wednesday - Lewis

Thursday – Tiree


Career Academy
A reminder there is a master class at Bright Purple today.  All pupils should meet in the dinner hall after school.
Mr Gregor

LGBT Diversity
Thank you to Kieran, Diane and Chloe who led the excellent House assemblies this week. The LGBT Diversity meetings will be held on Tuesday lunchtimes in the Drama Classroom. Staff and pupils have already been asking if they can order the red "Some people are gay. Get over it"
t-shirts. See Mrs Whyte if you'd like to order one.
Mrs Whyte

Pupil Bike Shed
You are reminded that the bike shed is provided for the security and safety of your property.  All bikes brought to school should be placed inside the bike shed and locked to a stand.

Bikes should not be left unlocked, nor should they be left anywhere else in the school grounds.  The school will accept no responsibility whatsoever for bikes not stored securely in the shed.
Mr Patterson

Cycle speedway sessions
Any pupils interested to trying out the above activity, please see Mr Patterson as soon as possible for details.
Mr Patterson


Alton Towers
Remaining money to be paid by next Friday (6 February 2015). 
Mrs Valentine


Mini Mudder Adventure Race
This race will take place on Friday 6th February at Liberton High School. The S1-6 event starts at 2.15pm with registration from 1.30pm. Entry fee is £5 per pupil and sign up is made online. For further information please see Mr Kidd in the PE department.  
Mr Kidd


True Colours/Respect /Diversity
All staff and students who are involved (or would like to be involved) are invited to a meeting on Wednesday 4 February at lunchtime at 1pm in Home Economics.
Mrs Gillan/Mr Rodger


Art Club
Art Club takes place on Tuesdays from 3.25 pm in Ms McKenzie’s room.  All are welcome, bring a friend or make a new one.  For anyone interested in art, all ages and abilities welcome, freedom to use our art materials for free and do what you want!
Ms McKenzie


Congratulations to the following students, whose names were drawn from the FF box today. Our focus has been on RESPECT. Well done!

Marco Barot 1T8 nominated by: Ms MacMillan

Cameron Love 1S3 nominated by: Ms France

Ryan Ferguson 6S1 nominated by: Dr Burt

Morgan MacDonald 1S7 nominated by: Ms Barry
Ms Muir


WOW class of the week draw for January was won by Ms Davidson’s 1TY science class. Congratulations!
Ms Muir