Friday, 23 January 2015

E-Newsletter for Friday, 23 January 2015

Assemblies for Next Week

Order of Assembly:

Tuesday - Skye

Wednesday - Lewis

Thursday – Tiree


HPV Vaccination Forms
Please can any S1 and S2 girls who have not returned their HPV vaccination forms yet, hand them into the school office as soon as possible.  Any pupils who do not hand in their form will not be given the vaccine on the day.
Office Team


Careers Academy
There will be a Career’s Academy meeting on Monday p.6.  All pupils involved in the programme should attend.
Mr Gregor


Water Sports Trip
A reminder that all forms for next Thursdays Parents Information Evening should be returned to Mr Gregor ASAP.
Mr Gregor


Art Club
Art Club takes place on Tuesdays from 3.25 pm in Ms McKenzie’s room.  All are welcome, bring a friend or make a new one.  For anyone interested in art, all ages and abilities welcome, freedom to use our art materials for free and do what you want!
Ms McKenzie

Dance Hoodie Collection
The following pupils have ordered dance hoodies. They are available to collect in the PE department from Miss Greig. Please bring your £16 when you come to collect them.

Chloe Campbell

Tia Watson

Morgan McDonald

Heather Kynoch

Tiffany McKenna

Niomi Cameron

Dana McNab

Amy Dickson

Shannon Hamilton

Georgia Anderson

Miss Greig


Summer Ball
The final payment for the Summer Ball is now due. The full £45 should be paid to Miss Taylor (ICT) by the February break. Contracts should also be returned, spare contracts can be collected from Miss Taylor. If anyone still wants to attend the Ball and has not yet paid it’s not too late. Anyone having problems paying should speak to Miss Taylor.
Ms Taylor


Alton Towers
Money due to Mrs Valentine by 6 February 2015.
Mrs Valentine


Singing Club
Singing club will be restarting on Wednesday, 4 February, with Ruth in Music Room 1.  All welcome!