Monday, 8 May 2017

E-Newsletter for Monday, 8 May 2017

No Assemblies this week.

Values Focus Week
This week we will be focusing on Instilling Resilience– “We persevere when faced with challenge.  We know that when we make mistakes we are encouraged to learn from them.
Mr Hunter


Easter Study Revision Deposits
Any student who has not yet collected their Easter Study Revision Deposit, please come to the school office at break, lunch or after school (Monday – Thursday) to collect your deposit.
Ms Sim


Watersports Trip
Just a reminder that the next payment for the Watersports trip is due.  
Ms Davies

JET Interviews
All of the current S3 pupils who have applied for JET next year must return their JET application forms by Wednesday 10th of May. If any pupils need a replacement form please see Mr Whale as soon as possible.
Mr Whale


The Health Opportunities Team Gilmeron Health Drop In
The Health Opportunities Team Gilmerton health Drop-in is on every Wednesday evening between 6:30pm to 8:00pm at the Gilmerton Community Centre. The Drop in is a free and confidential service, where young people aged 12-25 can access advice, support and information on all health issues, including sexual health.  Pop in to say hi, join in the activities or stay to get some 1 to 1 advice – it’s your choice.
Eilidh MacIver, Project


Sainsbury’s Active Kids Vouchers
The PE department are collecting Active Kids Vouchers again this year.  Please encourage parents/carers to take these when offered if they shop at Sainsbury’s.  Vouchers can be handed to your registration or PE teacher.
Mr Gregor