Friday, 9 September 2016

E-newsletter for Friday, 9 September 2016

Assemblies for Next Week

Order of Assembly:

Tuesday - Lewis

Wednesday – Skye

Thursday – Tiree

Prefects Meeting
There will be a meeting for all prefects during period 2 today.  Please register with your period 2 teacher then meet in social subjects room.
Ms Sinclair

Pupil Council
Could anyone who has not yet put their name forward for Pupil Council, and would like to, please remember to pass their name to Miss Flannigan by Monday morning.
Ms Flannigan

Literacy Week
Just to let everyone know that the first Literacy Week extravaganza will be running the week of the 12th September, during S1 time in the English Faculty.  The focus will not be on 'English' but 'Literacy' skills which the pupils can use across the curriculum.

The first week will be focusing on Listening and Talking skills. 
Mrs Gordon

For All New S1 Pupils
If any S1 pupils would like an audition for percussion/ drum kit lessons please see Mr Callaghan in Music room 1 on Thursday 15th September at morning interval.
Mr Callaghan

S1 Photograph Orders
Reminder for S1 Students - please note that photo orders must be handed into the office by Friday 16 September.  Exact monies or cheque to be placed in the envelopes – no change can be given.
Classroom Assistants

Prefect Photo
All prefects should now have received their personal photos. 

The prefect photo is in the school office window.  If you wish to order it please add to your personal orders.

Please could monies please be returned to the school office by Friday 23rd September – it must be either cheques or exact monies.  No change is given.
Classroom Assistants

Gymnastic club
Gymnastic after school class has restarted, still not too late to join us in the small gym from 3.30 to 5pm.  All welcome, no talent necessary just lots of enthusiasm and willingness to work hard. 
Mrs Edwards & Ms McDonald

Expressive Arts Show
This year’s Expressive Arts Show will be taking place in February 2017!  Anyone with a talent in dance, music or drama please sign up to audition before the October break.  Please See Tia Wallbanks or Hozan Temel to sign up now.
Ms Grisdale