Friday, 26 August 2016

E-Newsletter for Friday, 26 August 2016

Assemblies for Next Week

Order of Assembly:

Tuesday - Lewis

Wednesday – Skye

Thursday – Tiree


100% Attendance Cards
On Monday every pupil who is still on 100% attendance will be given a card during tutor group time.  Please do the following:

·         Write your name and tutor group on the card.

·         As a tutor group, decide how and where you are going to keep these.  They could be put in a box, a poly-pocket or pinned to the wall in your tutor group room.  (Senior pupils could take on responsibility for these cards.)

·         Stay on 100%

·         In October claim 5 house points for yourself and for your house if you are still on 100%. (These count towards the end of year trip and towards the house shield for your house.)

·         At Christmas put your card into a prize draw and hopefully have your card drawn out to win a prize.

·         Remove your card from the wall/box/poly-pocket the first time you are absent from school.

Attend to achieve!

Ms Pretswell

House Captain Application Forms
House Captain Application forms available from Guidance Base.  Please complete and hand in by end of day on Monday 29 August.
SfP Team

Scottish Chamber Orchestra’s ‘Vibe’ Project
On Monday 29th of August all S1 students will be attending a performance delivered by the Scottish Chamber Orchestra’s ‘Vibe’ project.

GHS are incredibly lucky that the Edinburgh International Festival have provided free tickets and transport to this concert.

 As this is an outdoor concert, students are advised to bring a raincoat with them as umbrellas are not permitted.
Mrs Hirst

Ogwini Visitors
There will be a meeting on Thursday lunchtime for all pupils and staff who are helping or want to help with Ogwini visitors-whilst they are over in September.  Bring your lunch.
Mrs Brown

Army Youth Week
Army Youth Week – 12th – 16th September at Redford Barracks Edinburgh. Residential camp for pupils aged 14-17 years old. If you are interested in joining the Army and would like to go on this fantastic trip, gave you name to your Guidance teacher by end of the day on Monday 29th August.
Mrs O’Connell

LGBT group
The LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) group is starting up again on Tuesday lunchtimes.  This group is for LGBT students and also students who are interested in LGBT issues and equality.  The Tuesday lunchtime meetings will be held in the Drama Classroom (in the Art corridor) from 1pm.  All welcome.
Mrs Whyte