Friday, 5 February 2016

E-Newletter for Friday, 5 February 2016

Welcome to Ms Mathilde Rambure
A new student teacher joined us this Monday in the Modern Languages department.  Please make her welcome and help her to get to know all about Gracemount High School.
Ms Sinclair


MVP Mentors Training
Training and preparation for MVP Mentors will take place in Miss Davies room on
Wednesday, 10 February during periods 5 and 6.
Miss Davies


S1 Outward Bound Payments Now Due
A reminder to S1 pupils that your next £50 payment (or the full £100 if you’d prefer) is due by the end of this month. Please hand this in to the school office in an envelope marked Outward Bound and with your name.
Mr Wyllie


Expressive Arts Show
Tickets are on sale for the Expressive Arts Show on Wednesday 10th February at 7pm.

Adults £3

Children £1.50

Tickets are available from Mrs Brown in the Library.  They are also available at break time in the dining hall, next to the Drama Studio doors.

The show includes a photography/art exhibition and live dance, music performances as well as a fashion show.

Refreshments will be provided.

Any performers should see Miss Grisdale about rehearsals after school.
Ms Grisdale

S5 Pupils
Any pupils who are interested in studying the following at University
Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Computing, Ecological & Earth Sciences, Economics, Engineering, English Literature, History, Maths, Philosophy, Physics, Politics, Religious Studies

There is a fantastic opportunity to attend a FREE RESIDENTIAL summer school at Edinburgh University from the 3rd – 8th July. It will give you the chance to try out University before you apply and they will provide you with advice and support.

If you are interested, please see Mrs O’Connell in Guidance for further information.
Mrs O’Connell

School Immunisation Programme
Immunisation helps protect our communities from a wide range of illnesses.  Thanks to immunisation, diseases such as polio have disappeared in the UK. However, these diseases could come back as they are still seen in many countries throughout the world - which is why it’s so important to get your jabs. The NHS Lothian school nurse team carry out an annual immunisation programme. 

HPV vaccinations for girls will be given in spring 2016.  Consent packs are being issued now.  Please discuss the consent pack at home and return it to school as soon as you can.

The HPV vaccination for girls helps to protect against cervical cancer and is designed to protect against the 2 types of HPV that cause 75% of the cases of cervical cancer.  The vaccine also protects against two other types of HPV that cause about 90% of cases of genital warts.