Thursday, 5 November 2015

E-Newslettter for Friday, 6 November 2015

Assemblies for Next Week

Order of Assembly:

Tuesday – Skye

Wednesday – Lewis

Thursday – Tiree


Expressive Arts Show
Any talented musicians, photographers, dancers, actors and actresses interested in auditioning for the Expressive Arts Show, please sign up in the library before Wednesday 11th November.
Ms Grisdale

S1 Outward Bound Trip
This is a reminder that all S1 pupils are invited to attend our Outward Bound trip to the Lake District in August. Cost of the trip is £141. To secure a place please return the tear off slip from your Outward Bound letter along with £41 deposit in an envelope marked with your name and the words S1 Outward Bound 2016 Trip. You have until the end of this month to secure a place. If you have any further questions please see Mr Wyllie or Mrs Sinclair.
Mr Wyllie


French Trip
Last call for any pupils wanting to be involved in the France trip next year.  The first two payments are still due.  Please see Ms Davies.
Ms Davies

S2 Teenage Cancer Trust
There will be a talk from the Teenage Cancer Trust for all S2s period 1 on Monday 9 November. 

Please go to class as usual and your teacher will register you before bringing the class to the Drama Studio.

 If you feel it might be difficult for you to attend this talk due to personal circumstances please see your Guidance teacher today.
Ms Pretswell


Good news (sort of!)   We have no groups in the RED zone (under 90%).  However we have no groups in the GREEN zone either!  Which year group can make it into the GREEN zone first?

Do your bit and turn up for school every day – you can make a difference for yourself and for your year-group.
Ms Pretswell

Youthtalk £ead the Change
Do you live in the Liberton Gilmerton area? Are you aged between 12 and 25?

The Liberton Gilmerton Neighbourhood Partnership has some cash and they want YOU to decide what it is spent on!

So get involved by telling them what activities you want to see in your local community.

You can tell them those ideas right here and right now!

The deadline for ideas is Monday 16th November. Get involved!

If you have any ideas and can’t get onto the website, but want to get involved, please see Miss Flannigan or a member of the Pupil Council!

Thank you!
Miss Flannigan and the Pupil Council