Thursday, 8 October 2015

E-Newsletter for Friday, 9 October 2015

 No Assemblies w/c Monday, 19 October 2015.


As the figures show all year groups have slipped into the AMBER zone – that’s below 95%. 

This is disappointing and means that our young people are missing out on opportunities to learn and progress.


                                             S1                  S2               S3            S4               S5               S6           S1-6

 Could everyone please make a real effort to improve our attendance figures after the October holiday.

 Remember you need to attend regularly to give yourself the best chance of success in school and in later life.

Have a great holiday everyone and be back on Wed 21 October with a determination to attend every day till Christmas!!!

Ms Pretswell


After School Gymnastics Club
Well done to all the gymnasts who have attended regularly this term, you have worked really hard to improve. We hope you have enjoyed it and look forward to having you back, refreshed and enthusiastic as we work towards competition season!
Gymnastics club will start back on Tuesday 27th October, 3.30 to 5pm in the small gym.
Mrs Edwards, Miss Thomson   


Tuesday Lunchtime Singing Club
Lunchtime Singing Club will take place every Tuesday lunchtime in Music Room 1 – all welcome!