Friday, 21 November 2014

E-Newsletter for Friday, 21 November 2014

Assemblies for Next Week

Order of Assembly:

Tuesday - Skye

Wednesday - Lewis

Thursday – Tiree


Special Assemblies on Monday, 24 November 2014
The Head Teacher will lead assemblies for year groups as follows.  It is intended that these assemblies will be short so pupils should aim to arrive promptly and get seated quickly.

·      8.30 am S5+S6 pupils should report directly to the drama studio for an assembly

Group tutors should not mark them absent from registration as their attendance will be recorded during the assembly.

·         8.40 am S1 should report directly to the Drama studio. S1 period 1 teachers should join their class in the drama studio.

·         S2 and then S3 will be called down over the tannoy and should be accompanied by their class teacher.  

·         S4 will also be tannoyed and should be sent to the hall. Teachers should only accompany their S4 class where they can.


All assemblies should be completed by the end of period 1.
Ms Sinclair

True Colours Meeting
The group with the ever expanding name, TRUE COLOURS, DIVERSITY, RESPECT,
RIGHTS RESPECTING SCHOOL will meet next Wednesday 26th in HE 1 at 1.00 pm.
All interested staff and pupils are invited.
Mr Rodger, Mrs Gillan and Ms Fleming

Wicked Trip
A reminder that the school trip to see Wicked is on Wednesday 26thNovember, meeting at 7pm for a 7:30pm start. All pupils who have signed up for this trip should attend a short meeting in the Drama Classroom at break time on Monday.
Mrs Whyte

Congratulations to the following students, whose names were drawn from the FF box today. Well done!

Angelika Rowinska 1Ls nominated by: Mr Cardiet

Fateen Ahmed 3T4 nominated by: Mr Gribben

Hafsah Hussain 1S9 nominated by: Ms Burt

Tamara Kamal 6S10 nominated by: Ms Burt


The next focus will be on Equipment – “appropriate use of phones and iPads, have your kit for PE, have pen/pencil”.  It is vital to teaching and learning across the school that our students have the necessary equipment for lessons. When not in use Ipads and phones should be tucked away safely in your school bag. Keep collecting those tickets!
Ms Muir

Alton Towers
Reminder that money needs to be in by Friday next week, if you have problems with this and don’t want to lose your space see Mrs Valentine ASAP.
Mrs Valentine

Outward Bound 2015
Thanks to everyone for paying their deposits. Just a reminder that your next payment is due no later than Friday 12th December. Please hand your money into the school office in an envelope marked your name and Outward Bound 2015.
Mr Wyllie